Is Amanda Knox psychopathic and/or suffering from attachment disorder? And why are her statements in the language of sexual homicide, as claimed?

14 Oct

Quote from a report:  Speculating on Kercher’s slow death–pathologists say she choked on her own blood–Knox called it “yucky, disgusting” and mimicked sounds of choking in a manner that seemed to startle jurors. When asked if she ever thought about the victim, Knox was less than sympathetic. “In the end, I knew her for a month,” she said. “And first of all, I’m trying to get on with my life.”  End quote, which is at,9171,1905525,00.html

That,  along with similar behaviour and comments – and analysis of statements she has made in her own hand and in English [which concludes  she is a psychopath and one of the murderers] – see my post…  Forensic psychology – what statement analysis shows in this case – Sollecito did it, Knox was there  … indicates she has a serious problem.

Quite what that problem might be gets an airing on facebook:


Maria, in your “ak is like lots…” post you may be hitting the nail at least partly on the head…or quite fully. ‘pop’ left home when AK was 2, leaving her with her ‘mom’. we need a detailed history of her life from that age on [or earlier, in fact], to ascertain if she is suffering from attachment disorder or what; in some respects, the disorder can resemble the traits of the classic psychopath. As for your ‘slightly insane’ comment, you could be underestimating the situation – depending on the degree of alleged psychopathology involved…or overestimating it if she is in fact suffering from long term emotional distress and related personality disorder. See

Some statement analysis places her firmly in the psychopath spectrum; it would be interesting to see if she has a place in the attachment disorder spectrum, instead. NB, there may be a link between attachment disorder and psychopathy; indeed, it is stated that the most unattached make the most violent psychopaths. There is also RAD – reactive attachment disorder – which has its own set of problems. AK’s behaviour and attitudes point to a serious disorder and I wonder to what degree her apparent fixation on sexual abuse [ref some of the statement analysis] is in fact less on Meredith and more on her own past. Just a thought.

Sometimes we British and Europeans are considered limp wristed wimps and too soft hearted by the execution brigade in the US, because we consider things like ‘pity’ in our emotions and thinking. While I very strongly dislike – and am suspicious of – the pushy, noisy, rebuttal and PR-led campaign in favour of AK, if she is a classic case of attachment disorder, she should be pitied. Like psychopaths, attachment disorder types can be bright but manipulative, innocent-seeming but deceptive and capable of degrees of violence.

I have known both types and while I wouldn’t overly trust them, it is right that the attachment disorder type, at least, should be pitied. Quite how one gets to pity the psychopath, I’m not sure. Perhaps by his or her life when very young.

Throw in the effects of drug taking, perhaps exacerbated by alcohol and a foreign culture [people are more prone to mental health problems when removed from their own culture] and the mixture could be very volatile indeed.


To answer the question of why Amanda Knox writes in the language of sexual homicide, click here: and see other posts, and reader comments.  The person at that website who analyses Knox’s statements was praised for his statement analysis work in the Casey Anthony case.  Also recommended – the Eyes for Lies website.

This blog,  ‘A Death in Perugia’,  is written/produced by a professional journalist who is also a media expert, and who feels the appeals court judgement was a miscarriage of justice. No money will be earned from this blog.

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One Response to “Is Amanda Knox psychopathic and/or suffering from attachment disorder? And why are her statements in the language of sexual homicide, as claimed?”

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